Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes has become a recognized figure in the Toronto film community since initiating the successful Toronto Silent Film Festival in 2010. Her fascination with film history stretches back to when she became a regular at vintage film festivals, and a member of the Toronto Film Society, Canada's oldest film society. A few of her film-related endeavors have included co-founding Goddess Film & Entertainment Inc. in the late '90s (producing and marketing art videos, features, and shorts), assisting in projects on early cinema for print articles, radio and TV, and acting as vice-president of the TFS for over 5 years. Hughes is currently focused on developing the Toronto Silent Film Festival, showcasing the diversity of silent film and presenting unique "live cinema" screenings accompanied by live musicians. She is also the resident femme fatale of the Toronto Film Noir Syndicate, searching out dark treasures from the noir canon for the big screen.

David S. Faris

David S. Faris has been enchanted by the magic of the movies since an early age. His enthusiasm for film noir stems from decades of devouring the work of Lang, Hitchcock, Welles, Bogart, and others, as well as a substantial quantity of hardboiled pulp fiction and detective novels. Faris is a graphic designer by day (and often into the night), and has designed brochures and marketing material for the Toronto Film Society for over half a decade. He has also created promotional material for screenings at the former Festival Cinemas chain, as well as various independent film events. Since 2009, Faris has had the opportunity to combine his love of film with his passion for music, acting as a film programmer at the annual East End Rockabilly Weekend music festival, booking music-based documentaries and vintage rock 'n' roll movies for the event.

Greg Woods

Greg Woods has worked in the film and television industry for almost two decades. After hours, he shares his love of film history either in print, online or at screenings. He has written for such publications as Micro-Film, The Program, Broken Pencil and his own: the film journal, The Eclectic Screening Room, which has just celebrated its tenth year in print. Greg has published works on such favourite themes as film noir, westerns, 70s Hollywood Renaissance, and independent-experimental cinema. Additionally, he has programmed and presented film screenings at Trash Palace, Centre for the Arts and Innis Town Hall.